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OCTOBER 18TH, 2016

New Complimentary ID Theft Protection with your Peak1 Debit Card!

As a Peak1 debit card holder, you now have access to complimentary MasterCard ID Theft Protection! 

MasterCard  ID Theft Protection**  delivers comprehensive peace of mind via proactive monitoring and faster, more complete and reliable resolutions.   MasterCard  provides top-tier protection services including best-in-class Internet monitoring, identity theft alerts, identity restoration and lost wallet restoration. What’s more, the Enhanced Monitoring and Resolution Service expands on this protection to instill a 360 sense of confidence.  To bring U.S. cardholders this benefit, MasterCard  has partnered with CSID®, an industry leader in identity protection and fraud detection.
Baseline identity protection services  include:

•      MasterCard ID Theft Alerts™ – MasterCard  utilizes advanced  Internet monitoring for malicious sites, including over 3,000  “underground” websites globally. If any personal information is sold or bought online, consumers receive proactive alerts, which offer real-time detection of any potential fraud and enhanced protection regardless of the threat’s origin.

•      Expert Resolution Assistance – When an ID theft occurs, an Identity Theft Restoration Specialist will identify and cancel all missing cards/documents, and initiate restoration forms, fraud affidavits and police reports.  The specialist will also help access credit reports and educate consumers  on how to manage credit health.

•      Emergency Wallet Replacement – With the specialist’s step-by-step help, consumers  can restore “wallet” contents (including drivers’ licenses, passports  and insurance cards) and protect  themselves against future attacks. Hassles are reduced  for consumers,  and out-of-pocket costs are lessened.

Enhanced credit and ID theft solutions:

•    Extended ID Coverage – alerts cardholders to leading indicators of fraud: SSNs and changes  of address.  

•      Family Coverage – helps safeguard children’s identities by alerting cardholders to suspicious activity and provides neighborhood monitoring.

•    Additional Alerts – monitors the credit bureau  and consumers’ credit scores; provides access to credit reports.

•      ID Theft Insurance Add-On – reimburses eligible cardholders for expenses associated with restoring their identity should they fall victim to identity theft.

To register for alert services and to learn more, click here

**Certain  terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Contact  your issuing financial institution for complete  coverage terms and conditions or call 1-800-MASTERCARD for assistance. Applicable to U.S. Cardholders  only. CSID is a registered  trademark of CSIdentity Corporation. MasterCard  and the MasterCard  Brand Mark are registered  trademarks and MasterCard  ID Theft Protection and MasterCard  ID Theft Alerts are trademarks of MasterCard  International  Incorporated. ©2015  MasterCard.


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