Peak1 Administration is powered by Alegeus Technologies to administer reimbursement accounts, including HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, VEBA and transit plans, and to provide a complete, consumer-driven health administration solution.

Peak1 Administration--the platform of choice--delivers four portals and accompanying web services:

  1. Administrator portal
  2. Employer portal
  3. Participant/member portal
  4. Peak1 mobile apps

Our Platform Features

  • The highest level of functionality, security, scalability, reliability, and integration allows employers and consumers to manage the full array of HSAs, medical and dependent care HRAs, FSAs, transit, and other reimbursement plans.
  • Web-based, fully integrated portals allow employers and consumers 24/7/365 access to account data. Such portals ultimately help increase adoption rates, cost savings, and satisfaction levels.
  • The Peak1 debit card delivers advanced payment processing, auto-substantiation of claims, and greater plan participation.
  • The Peak1 mobile app enables participants access, via their smartphone, their available balance, final service date, administrator help, text message alerts, account details, partner-specific terms and conditions, and privacy policy. They can also view receipts and add a new receipt for an existing claim by taking a picture using the mobile device's camera.