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Working with Peak1 Administration to manage your COBRA Administration can help ease the stress involved with staying compliant and can protect you from potentially time-consuming and costly lawsuits. You can rely on Peak1 to send out all required notifications, track election and coverage periods, collect COBRA premiums (both with and without COBRA subsidies), and maintain records to meet federal guidelines. Our system is compliant with the most recent changes to COBRA as a result of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Peak1 COBRA Administration includes:

  • A website provided for employer and qualified beneficiaries contact
  • Assistance in keeping your organization in compliance of COBRA laws and regulations
  • Mailing general notices to new plan members and COBRA election forms to qualified beneficiaries
  • Receiving COBRA election forms from participants
  • Notifying carriers of COBRA elections and terminations
  • Mailing COBRA premium coupons to COBRA participants
  • Collection of all COBRA premiums from COBRA participant
  • Determination if payment was made and sending a participant a payment notice if payment was not made in full
  • Mailing termination notices if payment was not made in allowed grace period
  • Sending COBRA premiums to employer along with remittance report
  • Mailing HIPAA notices to terminated COBRA participants
  • All notices are documented, date stamped, and stored according to COBRA laws and regulations
  • Live customer service for COBRA participants and employers
  • Notifying COBRA participants of rate changes
  • Mailing COBRA expiration date reminders to COBRA participant